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To Thine Own Self Be True....

i am who i want to be......

2 October 1984
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airplanes, aliens, american idol, amy grant, amy lee, anna nalick, anti-war, ashton kutcher, backstreet boys, beatles, beauty and the geek, being alone, bill engval, billie joe armstrong, black, black nail polish, blue collar tv, brad pitt, britney spears, broken hearts, caboodles, cheese, cherrys, chocolate, claires, coffee, conan o brien, crosses, crying, cupcakes, dakota fanning, dashboard confessional, depression, disney, donny darko, dvds, dwight schrute, elvis presley, emo, english, etta james, evanessence, f*r*i*e*n*d*s, fairies, fire, frames, franz ferdinand, good charlotte, greenday, guiding light, gus/harley, gwen stefani, hayden christensen, heart, hells kitchen, hot topic, howie day, hugs, hurt, immortal, independence, is love, jake gyllenhall, james dean, jesse mcartney, jim and pam, jimmy eat world, joaquin phoenix, joel madden, john krasinski, john mayer, journals, keane, kelly clarkson, kelly osbourne, kelly ripa, kiera knightly, kissing, libras, life, lips, lisa marie presley, london, lonliness, lotr, love, maroon 5, mars volta, marylin monroe, matchbox 20, mickey mouse, midgets, modest mouse, muse, music, musicals, nirvana, nothing, orlando bloom, pain, paper, paris, pat benatar, pencils, pens, poetry, pokemon, president bush, punk, pyro, rain, rainbows, rainn wilson, reading, reese witherspoon, reliant k, ricky paull goldin, rock star energy drink, ryan phillippe, sara maclachlan, shane west, snl, south park, spiderman, sprinkles, starbucks, stardust, stars, steve carell, stone temple pilots, switchfoot, talking, tears, the office, thinking, tim foreman, tinkerbell, tobey maguire, tom cruise, torrid, tyler hilton, weezer, wishing, wondering, writing, wwf, yellowcard